White Label SEO Pricing & Packages in Philippines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the internet marketing strategy that helps businesses stay ahead in the highly competitive digital market. At present, a multitude of digital marketing agencies operates with varying levels of capabilities.

While big SEO firms have the capacity to handle several large campaigns, some agencies lack the resources and staff to provide services when there is an unexpected uptick in demand. They often opt to leverage white label SEO services to solve the problem.

Most businesses recognize that outsourcing the best SEO services in Philippines is a cost-effective and value-driven solution.

But how much does it cost to outsource SEO to Philippines compared to other agencies? What are the competitive SEO rates and packages in the country?

Here are the SEO Rates and Packages in the Philippines:

Starter or Basic SEO Package

This package is usually the bare minimum and can only cater to small enterprises with less competition.
$500 – $800

Mid-level SEO Package

This SEO package can cater to mid-sized enterprises.
$800 – $3,000

High-level SEO Package

This package is suitable for businesses with high-level competition and highly competitive e-commerce websites.
$3,000 – $7,500

Enterprise SEO Range

This SEO solution can cater to the requirements of global enterprises targeting different countries and operating in multiple languages.
$10,000 – $20,000

White Label SEO Agency Services

To achieve a successful campaign, you need the proper SEO tools and tactics.

At White Label SEO Agency, we will assist you in implementing an effective and successful SEO plan to make your website search engine-friendly and easily discoverable by your target audience online.

Website Audit and Health Check

Website audits and health checks involve the analysis of the website’s strengths, flaws, and vulnerabilities. We will thoroughly inspect a site’s loading speed, mobile usability, and sitemap and check for duplicate content and broken links on each page.

Our SEO website audit and health check service can help in developing a suitable SEO plan for you and your clients.

Keyword Research

We can help you and your clients identify which keywords to target for your SEO campaigns. Our keyword research service involves a comprehensive analysis of keywords based on competitiveness, search volume, and cost per click (CPC).

Page-Level Optimization

We will provide on-page recommendations and optimize all aspects of each web page to ensure your clients’ websites meet Google’s criteria for ranking web pages.

Quality Content Creation

Through our content creation service, we can assist you in ensuring that your clients’ websites comply with semantic SEO standards. We create high-quality infographics, how-to articles, comprehensive blogs, and other linkable assets to effectively attract the attention of prospective customers and encourage consumer retention.

Link Building

Our link building services can help you implement content-driven link building activities for your clients. We will get other websites to link to their sites to build authority through natural and organic methods such as infographics, SlideShare, PDF, and other web content submissions.

Guest Blog Posting

Through our guest blog posting service, we will assist you in establishing your clients as an authority in their respective industries by generating backlinks to their websites.

We will reach out to guest posting websites on your behalf to write unique and high-quality content for them.

Unbranded, Detailed Reports

We will provide you with unbranded reporting, which includes traffic reports, lists of links created, keyword rank tracking, and other information. This will allow you to add your branding to the reports before sending them to your clients.

Why Partner with a White Label SEO Agency?

At White Label SEO Agency, we will provide you with a full array of turnkey white label SEO services to assist you in launching digital marketing campaigns, boosting online presence, driving traffic, and increasing profit. This includes planning and implementing SEO performance-boosting digital marketing strategies such as quality content creation, social media promotion, and link building.

While our strategies and approaches may be similar to other SEO service providers since they involve proven methodologies that other agencies use, White Label SEO Agency differs greatly from other companies in terms of services.

We do more than just the services and deliverables that come with white label SEO. Our team is ready to take the extra mile to help you and your clients reach your SEO goals.Here are a few qualities that differentiate our white label SEO services from other agencies:

Dedicated Project Managers

We prioritize giving our clients the best service we can. We assign dedicated Project Managers to ensure your SEO project will receive the focus and attention it deserves.

Highly Trained, Skilled, and Knowledgeable Staff

We have a team of digital marketing professionals specializing in SEO who will efficiently and effectively execute our services and are always available to answer your questions and troubleshoot your SEO campaigns.

Operations Scalability and Growth

Our white label SEO services are scalable and modular, enabling us to offer you with various service packages at scale. You will have more room to negotiate with your clients to reach an agreement that can benefit all parties concerned.

White Label SEO Dashboard

We will provide you with a valuable reporting tool to have full visibility of your client’s SEO campaign to gauge its performance. The data is available at any time and can report all the works in progress.

Total Customer Satisfaction

We have developed numerous positive, long-lasting client relationships, something highly valued in the digital world.

Ready to partner with us and develop a robust and effective SEO campaign for your clients? Contact us below!