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Advertising 2023 Trends (Infographic)

Businesses have witnessed ever-evolving advertising strategies, from traditional to digital, such as keyword analytics and SEO white label. Amidst the rising competition, they perform unique advertising techniques to acquire leads and stay relevant in the marketplace.

Many organizations outsource SEO services, invest in social media ads, and create pay-per-click ads as their advertising techniques to increase their product visibility. However, these are insufficient to lead the market. They need to leverage new tech and modern advertising trends to stay competitive rather than relying on their old advertising practices. 

Marketers must look for 2023 advertising trends to create a more accurate and timely advertising plan. This way, they can adjust their strategies and determine which technique can generate customer acquisition and drive more sales. 

Advertising 2023 Trends

What is Advertising?

If you are new to the business industry, you might get confused about the differences between marketing and advertising. Marketing is a general process of identifying and addressing consumers’ pain points. It improves your clients’ satisfaction, establishes customer retention, and ensures that your products and services are compelling to your target market.

On the other hand, advertising is only a subset of marketing. These advertising activities promote your brand through paid content or channels, establishing your company as the market’s most prominent alternative. Some of the countless benefits of an effective advertising campaign include the following: 

  • convert leads to sales opportunities;
  • establish a better end-to-end client experience;
  • improve your return on investment (ROI);
  • make your marketing campaign scalable; and, 
  • maintain a strong brand image

While people use these two interchangeably, they serve one purpose in your business. They unlock your organization’s potential growth and leverage business opportunities for a better market standing. A relevant and sustainable advertising plan can be your solid foundation for a successful marketing campaign. 

As such, these 2023 advertising trends will help you determine your next advertising campaign to get your business on top of the market leads: 

The advertising industry has experienced many changes in the past years. The audience expects brands to provide them with a personal, unique experience across all channels. With the recent recession and rising inflation, marketing professionals must grow and adjust along with the changing consumer spending habits and business conditions.

Digital Audio Advertising

Audio advertising is one of the most effective advertising channels available today. With the abundance of streaming platforms, applications, and mobile devices, people can listen to any form of audio whenever and wherever they want. You can reach them with powerful messages by inserting ads into audio content. Spotify, for instance, offers two types of ads: 

  • Audio Ads – These advertisements are 30 seconds long and play between songs.
  • Podcast ads – These ads last between 30-60 seconds. They usually play during podcasts and can be read by the podcast host or a voice actor.

Listeners also prefer digital audio content, such as podcasts, to avoid screen fatigue. Podcast ads allow you to reach listeners in “screenless moments” and a seamless listening experience. According to Statista, the number of people listening to a podcast can reach over 100 million in 2024. 

You can use podcasts to showcase your innovations and solutions if you are a startup business. It can raise awareness among your target market, especially if you run ads with audio content related to your product. 

Video Advertising

Video advertising is one of the top marketing mediums today. The rise of the internet, technologies, and mobile devices provide more platforms for these ads. Experts believe this will be one of the essential advertising trends in the next five years. Here are some video advertising trends you can consider in 2023: 

Shorter Ads

Because consumers have numerous video options, they only become interested in ads that catch their attention. As an advertiser, you need to consider how much time a person is willing to spend watching advertisements. Videos that are shorter, appealing, concise, and direct are more effective than those with long timeframes. 

Shoppable Video

The customer journey is cut down by the ability to purchase products directly from the video or image. This feature displays a popup button that will take users directly to the product page.

1:1 Video

In this trend, you can create personalized video messages for your audience instead of sending them emails or calling. This method is becoming more popular in 2023 following the increasing reliance on mobile phones and the advancements in smartphone technology. 

Live Video

Many businesses are using live-streaming videos for product demonstrations and interviews. You can adapt this strategy to create behind-the-scenes shots, interact with your audience, and engage viewers to purchase your products or services. 

In-Game Mobile Advertising

In-game mobile advertising refers to ads that appear during gameplay. These can be in the form of static band dynamic banners, video, or audio. For instance, reward ads can offer users exclusive items, game points, currency, or other game-related benefits for watching the ad. 

Furthermore, ads integrated directly into games are more likely to perform well and provide highly effective Cost per Mile (eCPMs). This seamless integration can increase audience engagement rates and retention.

To adapt this, you need to analyze data to understand how gamers consume digital media and their in-app gaming interests. It will allow you to gain valuable insights and help you build better audience-targeting strategies. However, it would be best to be mindful of the user experience and a “player-first” philosophy. It means you must create minimal ads while thinking creatively about how to incorporate these within the gameplay. 

AI in Advertising

In 2023, the increasing accessibility of AI technologies will allow advertisers to address their specific contextual and suitability requirements better. If an advertisement appears on an unrelated website or next to a competitor’s advertisement, it might damage the brand’s image.

Additionally, you can use artificial intelligence to automate data collection and behavioral targeting, helping you to target your market. It produces more objective information in revealing actual consumer preferences and behaviors in the digital realm. 

Programmatic Advertising

One of the major reasons why companies have switched to AI-driven ad campaigns is the expansion of channels that allow them to reach their customers. Programmatic platforms, which can use many targeting signals to tailor advertisements, become the best option.

Programmatic advertisements incorporate AI to buy ads that can target a particular audience. It involves a lot of automation, lower acquisition costs, and a higher conversion rate. Unlike other advertising strategies, it utilizes data insights and algorithms to deliver ads to the right audience at the right time and place. These are the three main types of programmatic platforms: 

  • Sell-Side Platform. This platform is also known as a “supply-side platform” where publishers can sell their ad impressions to advertisers. 
  • Demand-side platform. This platform allows advertisers to buy ad inventory on multiple platforms simultaneously.
  • Ad exchanges. This is how SSPs transfer their ad inventory from DSPs. DSPs connect with an ad exchanger where ad prices fluctuate depending on the inventory’s competitiveness.


Advertising trends can help you understand what platforms and tactics are in demand. Applying this knowledge to your advertising plan can make your brand timely and relevant to your target audience. Thus, you can increase your brand’s relatability and boost your business’s growth and profitability. You can also opt to acquire the services of a reputable digital marketing company to assist you in creating a better advertising strategy in the future. 

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