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White Label SEO Trends in 2023 (Infographic)

Search engine optimization is a complex yet rewarding marketing strategy for businesses. Popular search engines such as Google continually update their algorithms, making them more challenging to grasp. Due to several changes in the online industry, current SEO trends might be obsolete in the following years.

As 2023 approaches, outdated SEO techniques are fading away and becoming ineffective. Marketers should begin recognizing SEO services that are adaptable and sustainable for their organizations. 

Digital marketing agencies consider SEO as one of the most effective marketing tactics. According to the 2022 Hubspot Marketing Trends Report, 61% of B2B marketers believe that organic SEO services can generate more leads than other digital marketing methods. Correspondingly, a Databox survey shows that approximately 70% of survey responders answered that SEO is more effective than pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. 

Search engine optimization adds value to businesses, making them more profitable and reputable in their respective industries. Amid the rising competition, it is essential to consider the latest SEO trends to keep the brand afloat and competitive. Here are the most potent SEO trends in 2023.

White Label SEO Trends in 2023 infographic

Core Web Vitals 

Core Web Vitals is an emerging trend in the SEO industry. Google employs this set of significant ranking criteria to analyze the total user experience on any web page. These elements guarantee that no person visiting your website will leave because of a poor page experience. Additionally, it comprises a set of three metrics, including: 

1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) – It determines the time required to upload a page’s largest content.

2. First Input Delay (FID) – It measures how long a website responds to a user’s first interaction. 

3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – It emphasizes the number of layout modifications the page has had over its period. 

Enhancing your Core Web Vitals will have a measurable effect on your search engine performance. Although this strategy requires experts, there are many available free tools, such as Google Search Console and PageSpeed Insights, that will assist you in identifying the areas needing improvements.

Mobile-first Indexing

As of 2022, 54% of US search traffic comes from a mobile device. It implies that the website’s mobile version should be favored, and Google recognizes this with its mobile-first indexing. Mobile-first indexing means that Google predominantly utilizes content’s mobile version when indexing and ranking websites.

While it may sound complicated, mobile-first indexing is straightforward. A mobile-friendly designed website could result in a substantial rise in organic visibility. However, if your business’ website is not mobile-friendly, your search rankings on both mobile and desktop searches are likely to go down in the following years. Here are some tips to enhance your website’s mobile version:

1. Check if the mobile version loads promptly.

2. Ensure that the content is consistent across all versions.

3. Assess the ad placement

4. Verify that photos and videos are of excellent quality, accurately formatted, and contain the same structured information as the desktop version.

People Also Ask Feature

When searching for a particular product or service, you must have seen a useful drop-down box providing relevant answers to your search queries. These drop-down boxes assist you in viewing crucial information pertinent to your inquiry without navigating many websites. This section is known as People Also Ask. It aims to provide customers with real-time data, addressing their pain points and concerns. 

Research implied that 48.4% of 2.5 million queries were based on “people also ask.” As a marketer, you must provide answers to frequently requested questions to boost your site’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). You can utilize a keyword tool to identify appropriate keywords matching your user’s search intent. It is also better to include content questions in your titles (H2s, H3s, H4s) or establish a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to drive more organic traffic to your website. 

Video SEO

Videos are a popular way to promote a business. People tend to learn more from videos than from reading text. So, it’s no surprise that video SEO is growing fast-paced. There are over 37 million active channels and 800 million videos on YouTube. The most recent study by Cisco predicts that by the end of 2022, 82% of all global IP traffic will be video content. As such, if you want to rank high as possible in SERPs, you need SEO strategies that include videos.

Since Google’s MUM algorithm gives videos more weight, optimizing your video content for search engines is crucial. You can do this by putting relevant keywords in the title and description of each video, which will catch more clients’ attention.

Artificial Intelligence 

Voice searches have grown in popularity since the introduction of Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Assistant. Besides, eMarketer survey indicates that approximately 33.2 million U.S. consumers will use voice search feature in 2022. These rapid changes result from the continuous improvement of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The world of online searches and marketing will never be the same again as AI leaps forward. They are better at making predictions and have been set up to recognize words and phrases. It is now programmed to understand the purpose and context of a search using Natural Language Processing (NLP). And with the rise of conversational queries, these enhancements have become more valuable and impressive conversational AI. 


In a time of constant innovation and technological advancement, it might be more complex than ever for SEO specialists to adhere to the standards of large tech companies and compete for search engine rankings.

Thus, SEO professionals must adapt to these modifications, as some significantly alter how Google selects which website to display at the top of its SERPs. With more than 93% of internet traffic coming from search queries, using the current SEO best practices is vital for your project and any business that wishes to attract and convert potential customers in 2023. 

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