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SEO Reseller: An Agency’s Guide to Reselling SEO Services (Infographic)

Search engine optimization (SEO) has transformed how businesses market their products and services online. By optimizing website content, keywords, and metadata, this marketing strategy has helped numerous companies stay afloat despite the cut-throat competition in the digital realm. 

The number of businesses utilizing SEO Manila Philippines that have attained good internet rankings is a testament to its effectiveness. But technology’s continuous advancement will make ranking high in search engines even more difficult. 

Hence, marketing agencies specializing in SEO must learn to adapt quickly and implement innovative strategies to keep up with the changes. One example of these advanced solutions is SEO reselling

SEO Reseller: An Agency's Guide to Reselling SEO Services Infographic

Introducing SEO Reselling

SEO’s proven effectiveness has made digital marketing companies consider expanding their services by offering SEO packages to their clients. However, some agencies may have trouble providing search engine optimization assistance due to lacking resources or knowledge about the digital technique. This is where SEO reselling plays a crucial role. 

This practice is a type of SEO outsourcing Philippines that enables marketing agencies to offer SEO services to their clients without shouldering its complexities. SEO reselling is an agreement between an agency and an SEO specialist (company or individual) to market the latter’s services and resell them as the agency’s own. This is called white label SEO.  

SEO resellers may offer various services, such as: 

  • Competitor Analysis
  • On-page Auditing
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page and Off-page Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building
  • Guest Posting

Why Should You Consider Becoming an SEO Reseller?

Engaging as an SEO reseller can yield various advantages for your business. This SEO outsourcing practice is perfect for:

  • Expanding your range of services
  • Utilizing existing industry knowledge
  • Generating extra income
  • Upselling or cross-selling current digital marketing services

Moreover, SEO reselling allows you to offer high-quality SEO services without pouring in your resources for an in-house SEO team development that may take time to establish. This strategic partnership is designed to benefit both your company and your clients. 

Steps to Remember Before Becoming an SEO Reseller

SEO is a complex concept that needs your time and dedication. But even with white label SEO Philippines, where you will not directly take the brunt of SEO’s intricacies, you must still be hands-on with the process. 

Here are some tested and validated tactics that can help you enhance your sales endeavors and boost your agency’s outreach. 

  1. Identify Your Target Market

Know your prospects and decide whether you will target B2B or B2C businesses. It is also important to choose what industry you are targeting. This can help you research their company and your clients’ competitors and find the current state of their digital presence. 

Identifying your target market is also beneficial in determining whether your potential client is the right fit for your agency. In doing this, consider budget, authority, need, and timeframe. 

  1. Develop Your SEO Services

SEO is a constantly evolving industry, and there are various approaches to how you can offer your services. But while there is sometimes an overlap between these services, they can be broken down into four standard categories:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

But these four are not the only SEO classifications you can offer. Other agencies provide specialized support tailored to specific marketing niches or types of websites. Some examples are Youtube SEO, e-Commerce SEO, WordPress SEO, and mobile SEO. 

  1. Set Prices

One of the most crucial steps to take before being an SEO reseller is determining the prices of your services, as this will establish how much revenue you will generate. But before setting prices, choosing a pricing model should come first. Some of the most common pricing models you can use are: 

  • Package-based pricing
  • Hour-based pricing
  • Results-based pricing
  • Project-based pricing

You can be flexible and combine various pricing approaches. Remember that pricing can be a distinctive edge among your competitors, bringing in revenue much faster. 

  1. Build a Brand

The way you build your brand is an important factor in business scaling. This can either make or break your business. A solid brand identity not only supports developing your reputation but also sets you apart from your competitors. 

Additionally, maintaining consistent branding nurtures customer confidence and can help turn potential into loyal consumers. Choosing a memorable name, creating a logo, creating a catchy tagline, building a color palette, and using consistent typography allows brand recognition and retention. 

  1. Market Your Services

Before selling your services, it is crucial to have a marketing plan outlining your company’s strengths, weaknesses, target audience, competitors, budget, schedule, and communication approach. 

A marketing plan is pivotal for plotting how you want your brand message to be conveyed. Moreover, this plan is vital for identifying optimal service promotion avenues. 

  1. Close Deals and Manage Post-Sale Experience

After promoting your services and drawing clients in, the next thing you need to do is ensure deal closure. A thoughtfully designed sales process establishes a uniform method to help your business turn leads into customers. 

But aside from boosting conversion rates and enhancing operational efficiency, mastering the art of closing a deal also ensures a satisfying customer experience. 

Factors to Look for When Looking for an SEO Company to Work With

Now that SEO is becoming one of the most popular digital marketing strategies, more marketing agencies will offer SEO reselling services. But before choosing a company to work with, take note of these factors to ensure that your investment will be worth your money.

Technically Sound

SEO is highly technical. Therefore, the SEO company you will be working with must be equipped to face and understand its technical aspects. They must be trained and knowledgeable of the latest tools and techniques that work in the industry. You are enlisting the services of a company because they have a more profound comprehension of SEO than yours. 

High-Collaboration and Communication

Maintaining open and clear communication is necessary when collaborating with an SEO reseller firm. This is a crucial step for both parties to have a mutual understanding of expectations and the potential to achieve outcomes efficiently. 

You must choose an SEO company that knows how to establish achievable timelines. Moreover, they must consistently provide access to reports and analytics, enabling you to closely track the progress of SEO campaigns. 

Ensure that the company you are choosing knows how to accept feedback and work on improving its services. Maintaining an open line of communication nurtures a lasting relationship and seamless collaboration.

Positive Reviews

With how competitive the online world is, SEO is not something you can compromise. Therefore, before choosing a company, you must ensure that you have reviewed their past performance, particularly with how they handle feedback. 

A reputable SEO company will highlight positive reviews on its website and other social media platforms. Reading and understanding these reviews will show you how reliable, credible, and satisfactory an SEO company’s services are. 

But besides the affirmative reviews, you must also read adverse reports on them and review how they respond to these. Checking how they handle critical feedback will give you an idea of how they treat their clients and know whether or not they can collaborate with you.  


The objective of an SEO reseller is to lower a company’s overhead costs compared to hiring an in-house SEO team. While some SEO services can be expensive, a reliable SEO company can guide you through other options and accommodate customizations for better affordability. 

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In the digital landscape, SEO resellers can be of great help. With professionals shouldering your SEO loads, you can focus more on developing and improving your marketing tactics to earn more sales. 

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Equipped with the experience and knowledge of the latest SEO techniques, we can help you, particularly small to mid-sized SEO enterprises, grow your business without expanding or creating your in-house SEO team. 

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