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Questions To Ask Before Hiring a White Label SEO Firm (Infographic)

White label SEO is a service arrangement within the broader spectrum of search engine optimization. It involves hiring an outside agency to produce digital products under your brand.  

This service arrangement has been of help to many businesses in providing higher-quality services to their clients. Moreover, white label SEO has enabled enterprises to focus on their services and employ SEO experts without building their own teams. 

Questions To Ask Before Hiring a White Label SEO Firm featured image Infographic

Things to Know Before Hiring a White Label SEO Agency

Without a doubt, white label SEO is an effective business model enterprises can use to improve their digital presence. 

But despite its numerous advantages, many business owners may still lack knowledge and have inquiries about white label services. And with the number of agencies providing SEO services Philippines, understanding white label can be even more confusing. 

So before you hire a white label SEO firm, it is important to look into several factors, such as: 

By considering these factors, you can come up with the most important questions before working with an SEO agency. 

Some examples of these inquiries are: 

How many years have you been in business?

Knowing whether the agency you are working with is experienced in the field is imperative to ensuring a successful white label SEO service. Assess their skills and ask how long they have been in the industry.

You may also want to check on their past projects and what kind of clients they have worked with. Knowing these things can help determine if the company can deliver your business’s needs.

How does your agency work with its clients?

Many SEO agencies tend to switch to another white label SEO service provider Philippines after a poor experience with the company. While you can switch to a different provider, this process can be stressful.

Therefore, it is crucial to take note of how an SEO agency works with its clients from the get-go. Ask about their methods of communication and if they can maintain long-term relationships with their partners. 

Understanding how they work with their clients can help you gauge whether the agency you are about to choose can follow through with your demands and requirements. 

How responsive and proactive is your agency?

Communication is one of the most integral elements when working with a white label SEO agency. Give importance to how transparent and responsive they are with you, especially when you are working with them remotely. A reliable SEO agency must be receptive and proactive toward your needs. 

What are the terms of engagement for your white label SEO services?

Every agency will have different terms and conditions. Thus, you must understand the terms and conditions of your chosen SEO agency before signing a contract. Seek help from your legal and accounts team to review their terms in detail. 

Pay close attention to the key aspects of the contract, such as payment terms, lock-in period, risk factors, and confidentiality clauses. A trustworthy white label SEO provider will have these components ironed out in their contracts. 

What is the feedback of past customers?

Reviewing feedback is one of the easiest ways to check how a white label SEO agency works. Request if the agency can provide you with references to their past clients and observe how open they are to this idea. A reputable white label SEO agency will be confident to share this with you, as they trust that their service will speak volumes. 

You may also check online reviews. While these may not be the most trustworthy sources for feedback, they can still be of help. 

Speaking and checking reviews from past and existing clients allows you to gain a more thorough insight into the agency’s performance. This can help you verify whether they can truly deliver their promises. 

What are the services you can offer?

SEO Manila Philippines is a multifaceted domain with various sub-disciplines like technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, local SEO, and mobile SEO, among others. However, not all providers possess expertise in all of these services.

Prioritizing what your business needs and knowing which SEO company can provide you with the service you are looking for is crucial. This ensures that you receive tailored service packages and effective strategies that can help you offer better digital marketing services to your clients. 

How do you price your services?

Before choosing a white label agency to work with, it is important to know how much their services cost. Establish a clear budget and determine the amount you are willing to invest. With this, you can easily compare the prices of different SEO providers. 

Check the agency’s pricing models and verify whether their costs are reasonable and appropriate for their services. You can also ask the agency if they are open to discussing price adjustments. 

What is your approach to enhancing rankings and brand visibility?

White label SEO is designed to help you boost your rankings and brand visibility. Hence, understanding a white label agency’s approaches to these needs is crucial.

Using their answer to this query can provide a clear insight into whether the agency truly knows what they are doing. Refrain from believing in providers that promise rapid results and fixed timelines.

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that demands time and effort, and a credible white label SEO agency understands this. Additionally, they will help you comprehend the importance of content marketing and will manage your expectations realistically. 

How does your company respond to the current changes in search engines?

Search engines, notably Google, update their search algorithm regularly. These changes are meant to improve search quality, which can benefit users. However, these constant updates can drastically affect SEO efforts, as algorithm changes can influence how websites are ranked. 

This question can help you find a white label agency that can develop and manage effective online marketing strategies, despite the constant changes in search engines. 

Are you updated on the latest trends?

The trends in digital marketing are constantly evolving, especially with platforms like social media and search engines. Some fads that are relevant today may no longer be effective in the following weeks or even days. 

It is paramount to know if the company you plan to collaborate with is updated with the latest digital marketing trends. Look for an agency with access to the latest technologies and knowledge of various tools and platforms. 

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Asking questions before hiring a white label SEO agency provides clarity on their expertise, strategies, and pricing. It also allows you to gauge an SEO firm’s ability to meet your specific needs. is a reputable white label agency that specializes in premium SEO services. We aim to help small and medium-sized SEO agencies build and grow their business without having to create their in-house team. 

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